Citizen Passes and the protection of personal data

More and more local authorities are getting involved in Citizen Pass projects to simplify the daily lives of end-users by enabling them to access public services (transport, sports and leisure, waste collection, etc.) with a single medium - a card or their phone. Some people are concerned about the risks posed by these devices to personal freedom and data protection. To meet their legitimate expectations, ADCET has created the Afnor standard Application Multiservices Citoyenne (AMC), which ensures that users cannot be traced as they use them. But while the use of AMC is a necessary condition for protecting users' rights, it is not sufficient. It must be governed by strict rules that are clearly stated and easily accessible in the device's conditions of use. Users must be free to choose which services they wish to access, without having their access to services impaired; they must be able to modify their choices at any time, and have their personal data deleted from the databases.

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