Eco Friendly

Otipass: an eco-responsible company


What is the Otipass team doing to protect the planet?

OTIPASS managers and staff are aware of the eco-responsibility dimension and are already adopting best practices to reduce the carbon impact of their projects:
•Extend the life of our IT equipment as much as possible.
- Switch off all equipment at the end of the day or at least put it on standby mode.
- Favour reconditioned or second-hand equipment, or choose energy-saving devices that can be repaired.
- Give our IT equipment to schools so that it can have a second life, or recycle it.
- Optimise data storage by regularly sorting, classifying and deleting unnecessary data.
- Favouring local storage methods. For the development of mobile applications, we have adopted a method that allows a cache to be set up that divides the number of requests necessary for its use by 40. We are actively contributing to the replacement of physical passes by dematerialised passes, which obviously have a much smaller carbon footprint.

Otipass and its host Céléonet for the planet!

In collaboration with our hosting provider, we are also committed to :
- Reduce its annual energy consumption by 12% in relation to its customers' activities,
- Reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030,
- Contribute to carbon neutrality by 2040, - Continuously optimise the Group's data centres to improve their energy balance, - Continue to 'green' our data centres by purchasing 80% renewable energy,
- Take account of energy and environmental aspects when designing new infrastructures,
- Encourage the use of more efficient refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP).
- Deploying the latest generation of HPE servers that consume less energy.
- Deploy Cloud infrastructures rather than bringing one or more physical servers online per customer.

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