About Us

OTIPASS was created in November 2010 by entrepreneurs passionate about innovation and new technologies, to PROPOER digitalization services for tourist passes, citizen passes and cultural passes.
Since its creation, Otipass has established itself as the market leader in terms of the number and level of satisfaction of its customers.
In 2022, nearly 5 million transactions were recorded for more than 40 projects managed by OTIPASS in France, Switzerland and Germany.
In Alsace and Vaucluse, OTIPASS is the global operator in B2C and thus has the experience to better understand the expectations of other territories.

Our Team

The Otipass team

Philippe Rousselet
Philippe RousseletChairman and Founder/CEO
Yolanda Rousselet
Yolanda RousseletSales Director
Carine Baumont
Carine BaumontAdministration & Support/DPO
Awa Samassi
Awa SamassiSEA, SEO Projects Manager
Pablo rousselet
Pablo rousseletProjects manager
Jean-Marc Mariani
Jean-Marc MarianiTechnical Director
Clément Merlet
Clément MerletR&D
Hajar Chig
Hajar ChigR&D
Romain Guillemin
Romain GuilleminR&D
Maxime Vossier
Maxime VossierR&D
Abdulmelik Sak
Abdulmelik SakR&D
Romain Santin
Romain SantinR&D
Sarah Kuntz
Sarah KuntzHead àf Agency
Maxime Zumstein
Maxime ZumsteinR&D
Ophélie Lahaye
Ophélie Lahaye work-study student
Louise Matt
Louise MattR&D

Contact us

📞 +33(0)4 75 51 29 40

✉️ contact@otipass.com