The C'ART Lille Multiservices platform

The C'ART Lille Multiservices platform

The European Metropolis of Lille  launched a at the end of 2017 a request for proposals  for the installation of a multiservices platform allowing the management of the metropolitan services based on  multiple supports and in particular on the new generation of transportation cards Pass-Pass,  and retained the company OTIPASS which has been  already managing for two years the tourist passport of the territory.

The project of  MEL consists of the installation of a set of technical and organisational schemes in order to support the development  of a bouquet of services of proximity accessible to all the unhabitants of  the metropolitan territory and in any place, and the emergence of a technical platform facilitating the data exchanges between the communities and their partners.

This project  is based on the ecosystem built around the  Pass-Pass transport card diffused with more than 400,000 units,  and will  offer services around mobility, daily life, culture, tourism, students  ….

In order to prevent that each service is managed by a specific software and hardware solution , which would oblige  MEL and its partners to use several tools and to multiply the interfaces, the MEL signed with OTIPASS  a framework agreement which will make  possible to simplify and to harmonize the operation of all the services. The objective is thus to support the deployment of the existing services and to facilitate the creation of new services by placing at the disposal of the actors a single and simple interface.

Duing  this summer European Metropolis of Lille has used already the OTIPASS platform  for the management of the museum card C'ART, offering for one year an unlimited access to all the main museums and centers of art of the metropolis.

For Philippe Rousselet founder president of OTIPASS this new project with the European Metropolis of Lille constitutes a decisive step for the development of the company on the market of the multiservices platforms in the territories. “.

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