The OTIPASS platforms for managing tourist and multiservice passes or Citizen Passes are available in the catalogue of the UGAP, the leading public purchasing organisation.

OTIPASS Passes & territories

Avignon City Pass - Otipass
Ajaccio City pass - Otipass
Balad'Pass Seine et Marne
Béziers City Pass - Otipass
Bordeaux city pass - Otipass
Pass Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Colmar City Pass - Otipass
Côte d'Azur City Card - Otipass
Dijon City Pass
Euskal pass - Otipass
Fribourg City Card
La C'ART - Lille
Lille City Pass - Otipass
Lourdes Pyrénées City Card
Mulhouse city pass - Otipass
Muséums Pass Musées - Otipass
Nancy City Pass - Otipass
Nantes City Pass - Otipass
Nimes City Pass - Otipass
Pass tourisme Toulouse
Paris Museums Pass
Paris Pass'lib - Otipass
Pass'Alsace - Otipass
Lyon city card
Carte ambassadeurs Côte du Midi
Pass Drôme - Otipass
Pass Grand Périgueux - Otipass
Reims City Pass - Otipass
Rennes City Pass
Tours City Pass - Otipass
Vaucluse Provence Pass - Otipass
Metz City Pass - Otipass
Carte avantage Nature science et environnement - Grand Briançon
Pass monumental Narbonne - Otipass
La Rochelle Ocean Pass - Otipass
Helsinki City Pass
Click'n'Drôme - Otipass
Rouen- City Pass- Otipass
Territoire Otipass - Chambéry
Territoire Otipass - Chambéry
Territoire Otipass - Chambéry
St-Etienne City Card

OTIPASS Passes & territories

What our customers think about us

Since its launch, the Paris Passlib' has been a real success. Otipass has been a perfect partner for Paris in this project. It's a reliable, flexible and responsive partner that you can count on!

Otipass has been with us right from the start of our project to digitise the Museums-PASS-Musées, taking into account all the specificities and particularities involved. The support, follow-up, responsiveness and advice are Otipass's strengths, and have consolidated our collaboration since 2012.
Otipass's experience in deploying digital visitor passports was very useful in helping us to set up our project for the whole of the Vaucluse department. This project is unique in that it is shared with Avignon Tourisme, which meant that Otipass had to set up a platform governed by two administrators, with specific products for each and different financial flows to manage. This was a first for this service provider, who was able to rise to the challenge and adapt to our constraints.

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